Facts and Information About Durham That You Must Know

Nearly nine million tourists are known to visit the city of Durham year after year. The city is also admired by many all through the continent as one of the very incredible places you could work, live and even play. This is the major reason tourists visit Durham in North Carolina. There’s a variety of reasons you could visit Durham city from the lively night, amazing outdoor adventures, award winning performing arts, eco-agriculture, lots of shopping, action-packed sports or probably to view historical and educational sites. Whichever the case, Durham will never disappoint. There’re some facts and information that form the background of this great city. Some are listed here.

– Durham city was named after Dr Bartlett Snipe Durham’s who owned a lot of large pieces of lands from the presently known Durham city.

– Long before the coming of the Europeans, Durham area was settled by Native Americans who involved in farming the area. They were divided into two tribes, the Occanecchi and the Eno. These two tribes played a huge role in developing the area.

– The Great Indian Trading Path cut across Durham.

– The toughest bridge the world has ever seen stands in Durham.

– North Carolina Central University in Durham was the first black educational institution to be ever founded in the US and is supported by the public.

– When you drive around Durham city, you’ll find out that the names and the numbers indicating the roads keep changing now and then. This is because instead of the usual naming of the roads, Durham’s city roads are recognized by either a number, name or a memorial name-the latter is normally used when a specific person is to be given tribute.

– Durham has over the years acquired a nickname, the City of Medicine, cause the city owns more than 300 medical and health-related institutions as well as medical practices.

– All around Durham area, Durham city is covered with over 96,000 acres of hardwood forests and evergreen including the ancient Piedmont forests.

– Bullock’s BBQ is a great Durham city landmark which is the oldest operating restaurant in the entire city of Durham. With 58 years of experience in the industry, its rating in health inspection has never dropped below A.

– Erwin Mill was the original textile manufacturer who created denim and he lived in Durham.

– In 1957, the first Civil Rights Movement was founded in Durham. Several people including Moore had met in the city church initially and organized the protest.